Based at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo, the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group is a non-partisan organization focused on the risk, ethical, and social impact of emerging sciences and technologies.


23-24 May 2024: We will be organizing our second workshop on AI kitchens and robot cooks at the Czech Academy of Sciences, CETE-P in Prague.

8 May 2024: We will be giving a talk on outer space cybersecurity at RSA Conference in San Francisco.

4 April 2024: We will be co-organizing a workshop on AI ethics in outer space at the Beyond The Cradle conference at MIT.

19 Jan 2024: We will be giving a talk on AI, cybersecurity, and space ethics at USC's Information Sciences Institute in Los Angeles.

Nov 2023: We will be giving a series of talks in Europe on: technology ethics (8 Nov, Prague) and space ethics/security (9 Nov, Geneva; 10 Nov, Prague; 30 Nov, Munich).

26 Sept 2023: We will be giving a talk on technology ethics at CIGI's new Digital Policy Hub.

13-14 July 2023: We will be organizing an expert workshop at Cal Poly on the ethical/social impacts of AI kitchens and robot cooks.

23 May 2023: We will be giving a talk on outer space ethics, incl. security concerns, at Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA.

10 May 2023: We will be giving a talk on technology ethics for the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Executive Education in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

The Latest News

4 March 2023
MAD Digest
Chefs, Spheres, and The Coming Robot Revolution

26 February 2024
Cal Poly
Cal Poly's Advisor to US National Space Council Recommends First Study on Space Data Ethics

22 November 2023
Wired (Czech Republic)
Patrick Lin: Robots Will Probably Get Their Rights

Fall 2023
Cal Poly Magazine
Predicting Crime

28 August 2023
Northwestern University
Ethical Framework Aims to Reduce Bias in Data-Driven Policing

21 August 2023
The Spoon
I Attended a Workshop on the Impact of AI on The Food World. Here’s What We Discussed

18 August 2023
Cyberattack Shutters Major NSF-Funded Telescopes for More Than 2 Weeks

3 July 2023
The Spoon
Researchers at Cal Poly Are Studying The Social Impact of AI & Robotics on the World of Food

30 June 2023
War on the Rocks
Rise of the Machines or Just a Routine Test?

22 May 2023
Drone Wars
Report: "Cyborg Dawn? Human-Machine Fusion and the Future of Warfighting"

More news here.

Selected Reports

  • “Space Data Ethics: The Next Frontier in Responsible Leadership”, for NASA / National Space Council UAG

  • A Machine Learning Evaluation Framework for Place-based Algorithmic Patrol Management, funded by the US National Science Foundation

  • Evaluating Metrics for Impact Quantification, funded by Northwestern's CASMI

  • AI-Assisted Authorship: How to Assign Credit in Synthetic Scholarship

  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Predictive Policing: A Roadmap for Research, funded by the US National Science Foundation

  • Ethics of Hacking Back: 6 Arguments from Armed Conflict to Zombies, funded by the US National Science Foundation

  • Autonomous Vehicles, Ethics & Law: Toward an Overlapping Consensus, with New America Foundation

  • Enhanced Warfighters: Ethics, Risk, and Policy, funded by The Greenwall Foundation

  • Ethics of Human Enhancement: 25 Questions & Answers, funded by the US National Science Foundation

  • Autonomous Military Robotics: Risk, Ethics, and Design, funded by the US Office of Naval Research

  • More publications here.

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