Our Events

6-7 April 2020
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
Co-organizing workshop on AI and future Arctic conflicts

18-19 June 2018
University of Iceland
Co-organizing workshop on future Arctic conflicts, incl. technological factors

1-3 August 2017
University of Iceland
Co-organizing workshop on the ethics of cyberwarfare and AI, esp. in the Arctic

Contributed Articles and Journal Papers

Summer 2019
Ethics & International Affairs
Arctic 2.0: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Develop a Frontier

Summer 2019
Healthcare Ethics Committee (HEC) Forum
Bioethics in the Arctic: The Alaska Context

12 July 2018
World Economic Forum
Artificial Islands, Robo-Ships, Sleepless Soldiers. Is This the Future of the Arctic?

25 April 2016
Stanford Law School: Center for Law and the Biosciences
Alaska, Food Security, and Climate Change

Other Links

13 November 2019
Carnegie Council
AI in the Arctic: Future Opportunities & Ethical Concerns

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